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Muscle Growth

Time Under Tension: Unleash the potential of slow and controlled reps! By focusing on a 2-second concentric (lifting) phase and extending the eccentric (lowering) phase to 4 seconds, you place special emphasis on the eccentric movement. This deliberate cadence effectively stimulates your muscle fibers, igniting optimal hypertrophy!

Progressive Overload: Keep pushing your boundaries and embrace the challenge! Gradually increase the weight, reps, or intensity while maintaining the deliberate cadence. This powerful combination of progressive overload and eccentric focus pushes your muscle growth potential to the maximum level.

Volume Amplification: Turn up the volume, quite literally! By adding more sets or reps while maintaining the controlled tempo, you increase the overall workload on your muscles. This extended time under tension offers a remarkable opportunity for hypertrophy like never before!

Remember, consistency is the secret to success! Stay dedicated, stay focused, and watch your muscles transform!

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