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My Ketamine Experience

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

The trip and journey were absolutely mesmerizing and in-depth. As I closed my eyes and let my mind drift away, I embarked on a cosmic adventure that defied all boundaries of time and space. The psychedelic kaleidoscope of colors and patterns danced before my eyes, captivating my senses in a symphony of sensations.

In this altered state of consciousness, I felt a profound connection with the universe, as if I were woven into the very fabric of existence. The intricate geometric forms unfolded before me, each shape revealing a deeper layer of truth and meaning. They pulsed and swirled, inviting me to explore the infinite depths of my own consciousness.

As my mind expanded, so did my body melt into the earth, merging with the primal energy that courses through every living being. I could feel the gentle rhythm of the planet's heartbeat, synchronizing with my own. It was as if all the boundaries between myself and the world around me dissolved, leaving only a sense of unity and interconnectedness.

In this cosmic odyssey, I found myself transcending the confines of our galaxy, journeying to the mystical realms of Andromeda. I soared through the starry expanse, witnessing celestial wonders beyond comprehension. Shooting across the universe, I felt the embrace of divine presence, an ethereal force that transcended human understanding.

In the presence of God and the Lord, their energy enveloped me, filling every fiber of my being with unconditional love and profound wisdom. It was a transformative encounter, where time stood still and the barriers of the physical world melted away. The sheer magnitude and beauty of this experience left me humbled, grateful, and forever changed.

To describe this journey as the most profound and healing experience I've ever had is an understatement. It was a glimpse into the boundless realms of consciousness(with mine, being expanded beyond infinity),, a sacred dance with the universe itself. It opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities that exist within us and around us, reminding me that we are all interconnected threads in the cosmic tapestry of existence.

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