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Metabolic Syndrome: What it is and how to address it

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Each year, nearly 900,000 Americans die prematurely from the five leading

causes of death – yet up to 40 percent of the deaths from each cause could be

prevented, according to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and

Prevention. Metabolic syndrome is a precursor to vast majority of these

disease processes i.e. heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, cancers etc.

Metabolic syndrome is an epidemic in the United States! About 1 in 3

adults have metabolic syndrome and most are not aware of it!  Metabolic

syndrome is defined as having a large waistline, high blood pressure, high

blood sugar, high triglycerides and low HDL. Metabolic syndrome and

specifically insulin resi stance leads to heart attack, strokes, diabetes, cancers

and Alzheimer's disease. Blood sugar regulation is an absolute must. The

current American diet contains overly processed food rich in refined

carbohydrates, low in fiber and frankly is poisoning our population.

The best way to address metabolic syndrome is controlling your blood

sugar! However, we live a fast-paced lifestyle that sometimes prohibits us

from taking the time to make home-cooked meals from real, whole foods.

This is where medical foods such as Ultra Glucose Control plays a huge

role. Ultra Glucose Control is FDA approved and is formulated to maintain

an even blood sugar response without the highs and lows that cause fatigue,

brain fog, sugar craving etc. Ultra Glucose Control is simple to use i.e. put

in 3 scoops in water shake drink and go. They are made for people who are

on the go and yet looking for a way to create even more health. Ultra

Glucose Control causes your body to release more GLP-1 (which is found in

medications such as Ozempic and Mounjaro) and makes you feel more full

and satiated. Regular use of Ultra Glucose Control has been show to not

only help you lose weight, but also lower your hemoglobin A1C (3 month

blood sugar). Safe, simple to use and easy to travel with, I highly

recommend Ultra Glucose Control to improve your health. It allows you to

do the simple things better. STB!

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