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Become a part of our growing community and join our practice. 

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What can you expect from your

Duncan Integrative Medicine membership?

A Duncan Integrative Medicine we will give you the kind of healthcare experience you deserve —

one designed to provide better healthcare for an even better you. 

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How do we help you make your decision?

You might be ready to sign up. You might have several more questions.

No worries, our membership experts are ready to answer all your questions.


Here’s how we help:

  • Answer your questions about functional and integrative medicine and explain how it could benefit you and your family.

  • Determine if additional family members should be added to your membership, or explain how to do that in the future.

  • Help you choose the right doctor for you, whether you have no idea or are interested in more than one.

  • Set up a meet-and-greet with your potential new doctor, if necessary, either in-person or virtually via telehealth. 

  • Talk through your health goals to determine if any of our wellness programs could help you achieve your goals.

  • Confirm the total cost of your concierge medicine membership and payment methods (monthly, quarterly, or annually).

Old Couple Running

My husband and I are new patients of Dr. Duncan as of January 2022 and are very pleased with the care and attention he has shown us. We are also impressed with the very kind team that supports all aspects of his practice.

We are now participating in Dr. Duncan’s new course for First Line Therapy. This is a game changer! We have been extremely happy with our decision to take the course and highly value that Dr. Duncan is our teacher. We have learned much
from the course and have benefited from the personalized nutrition plans developed for each of us. Based on our experience with our plans and our feedback, Dr. Duncan has suggested modifications along the way. By following these plans, we have seen improvements to our overall health as evidenced by data from our body analyses and blood lab work.

We would highly recommend the course to others. It is wholistic in approach and covers many important things in our lives that we CAN and do have control over. The most impactful elements of the course are related to improving our attitudes and choices that have positive impacts on our minds and bodies; and methods to actually make these changes stick in our lives!

His enthusiasm for the topics and manner in which he shares his knowledge and personal experiences are wonderful and motivating. The weekly classes have helped us create and maintain good habits and hold ourselves accountable. We look forward to these classes and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to make improvements to their life and their health!

Laura P.

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